If you want to improve your English Language or Literature skills with some online and/or one-to-one English Language and/or Literature lessons, please contact us by email (see the contact page on this website).

Rates are negotiable, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our teachers are very experienced and friendly, providing online tuition internationally, so please contact us for more information, using the contact form on the right-hand sidebar on the front page.

English courses we can help you with include:
CIE IGCSE English Language 0500/0522
CIE IGCSE World Literature 0408
Cambridge IGCSE English Literature (9-1)
AQA GCSE & 'A' Level English Language
AQA GCSE & 'A' Level English Literature
OCR GCSE & 'A' Level English Language
OCR GCSE & 'A' Level English Literature
Edexcel GCSE & 'A' Level English Language
Edexcel GCSE & 'A' Level English Literature
WJEC GCSE & 'A' Level English Language
WJEC GCSE & 'A' Level English Literature
and many more.

Although we specialise in providing English tuition, other subjects can also be provided. Please contact us should you require help with a different subject.

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