Teaser posters - GCSE Film Studies - WJEC

A bit of clarification about coursework is here! Rejoice (or despair, but not too much, if you need to revisit your work)!

Teaser posters should highlight either:
1) the star
2) the genre
3) the basic premise

There will NOT be a certificate, as it will be unlikely to have been issued at this stage.

You might add a rough release date (eg Winter 2014).

As far as text is concerned, check out the teaser for 'Misery' (1990), which featured the following text: 'This Christmas There Will Be...Misery. From Colombia Pictures.' There was also some small print beneath.

At the other end of the scale, simple imagery told the tale in the teaser for 'Batman', which featured the iconic shape of the mask and simply the word: 'Returns'.

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Mnemonic pegging for 'Of Mice & Men'

Mnemonic pegging works! All you need to do is think of 10 important things you need to remember about the novel and then peg them to visual imagery by inventing a story, if necessary.

Here's mine:

1 is a lighthouse or candle. No need to invent a story. It stands for the theme of solitude and loneliness.

2 looks like a swan, but again no story is necessary. 2 stands for the companionship between the men, especially George and Lennie.

3 looks like a snake. This reminds me of the Biblical story involving Eve and the snake in The Garden of Eden. It warns us of the danger of temptation, which Curley's wife represents.

4 looks like a sailing ship. To me that is the American Dream of material wealth, but the voyage to get there is dangerous on a rough sea.

5 is the hook. Lennie has the physical strength to hang other characters on it, but lacks the mental capacity to know when to stop himself from killing accidentally.

6 is a golf club. If we hit the ball into the distance, Candy's old dog will hobble after it.

7 is a boomerang, representing Lennie's innocence coming back to haunt him.

8 is a pair of spectacles. Even wearing them, many can't see past the colour of Crooks's skin.

9 is a balloon. It represents the 'pie in the sky' dream of George, Lenny and Candy to have their own farm. Ultimately, it's all just hot air.

10 is a bat and ball. Curley gets battered but he's more of a winner than Lennie, who's shot.

I hope that helps you ahead of any exams that you might have coming up.